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Mobile App Sample

This ShowCase App Sample will be developed during the iOS Course.



  • Scan Notes App

    Capture your paper documents, cooking recipes, cash register receipts, notes and meeting whiteboards with your iPhone anywhere and anytime


    • Organize

      organize your scans in 4 categories for a better overview

    • Search

      text recognition enable you to search in the text of the scanned images

    • Personal Notes

      add your personal notes, todo tasks or other searchable meta informations related to the scanned document

    • Reminders

      you can add an entry to a reminder list or schedule a push notification

    • Expiration

      you can set an expire date to automatically remove expired data and images, and save storage space

    • Favorites

      browse the usage list to identify your favorites.







3 top Benefits & Use cases


    save time

    Search feature

      3 Use cases for every Day

    • 1. search all recipes with a specific ingredient
    • 2. search a purchased product in a bill or receipt
    • 3. search a document tagged with a personal note
    • Image

    get reminded

    Reminder feature

      3 Use cases for every Day

    • 1. remind me of a shopping list for a recipe
    • 2. add a scanned quote in the daily reminder list
    • 3. schedule a notification to take action related to a scan
    • Image

    export entries

    eMail feature

      3 Use cases for every Day

    • 1. send a scan for further processing on the desktop
    • 2. share a scanned document with a friend
    • 3. eMail a scanned meeting whiteboard to participants
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quick and easy scanning



Blockchain App Sample on Ethereum *

* coming soon