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There is no real life with a wrong job


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    We help Software Developers, IT-Freelancers and IT-Solopreneurs build up their technical skills.
    We focus on technologies and skills, which allows you to build your own projects independently from Corporate Work and mostly with open sourced tools (No Enterprise software involved) :

    ● Mobile App Development (iOS, Android, JavaScript)
    ● Public Blockchain Development (Ethereum, Cardano)
    ● Web and CMS Development with open source technologies ( HTML, CSS, Wordpress )

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Learn from an experienced Software Developer


  • Mohamed Ben Hajla

    I am first and foremost a passionate about long life learning.
    As a software developer, IT-Freelancer and trainer, Learning new skills was always essential in my job.
    When choosing the relevant future skills and the best courses to visit, i tried often to follow a simple 5 steps plan:

    ● Focus on growing technologies which have the potential to transform Business
    ● Become an expert in one niche, one platform or one domain to be able to offer running business solutions
    ● For a first course, opt always for a classroom training, it is the more effective and fun learning strategy than doing it alone or online
    ● Choose practical courses with less watching, and more doing because Learning begins the minute you do“
    ● Focus on short courses with fast results to keep highly motivated. ;one Day, one Skill; is the ultimate goal, and in most cases possible


    Under my company website you will find a selection of technologies, projects and events where I have been involved in the past few years.

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    • M.BenHajla