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Workshop Zurich

Thursday 23.03.2023 / 9:15-13:15 / Zürich City Centre Stockerhof


Introduction to Blockchain and NFT Programming

This technical In-Person Workshop is a 1/2 day intensive hands-on training designed to help you learn the fundamentals of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and how to apply these 2 technologies to build your first NFT Application.

The Workshop is well suited for software developers, software architects as well as business analysts and small startups who want to build up their skills or a new business around blockchain and NFT technology.

You can Check the NFT Showcase App we will develop with the Link below the Workshop Outline.


Workshop Outline

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    Part 1

    Technical Introduction to Blockchain

    • 🔸 How a Blockchain works (Hashing, Public-Key Cryptography)
    • 🔸 Install and Interact with a Blockchain Node
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    Part 2

    Solidity & Smart Contract Development

    • 🔸 Solidity & Smart Contracts Introduction
    • 🔸 Build your first Smart Contract on Ethereum
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    Part 3

    Introduction to DeFi and NFT Programming

    • 🔸 Introduction to NFT Platforms
    • 🔸 Build your own NFT Digital Artwork Market Place



Testimonials from earlier Blockchain Courses and Events

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    Feedback CH open Workshop-days ( Zürich 07.09.2021)

    (D) Der Referent war sehr Kompetent und hatte den Kurs sehr gut vorbereitet. Die Übungen haben alle auf Ethereum und Cardano funktioniert und die Theorie verständlicher gemacht.

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    Simon H. (Workshop Zürich Altstetten 12.04.2018)

    (EN) Very practice-oriented; Focus on hands-on; After about 30 minutes you already had your own blockchain running, which was very motivating.

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    Feedback CH open Workshop-days ( ETH Zürich 12.09.2018)

    (EN) Complex theory was explained in a simple way, great! Good examples and exercises.



Check the running Showcases which we will develop during the Workshop on the Amazon Cloud

Samples on AWS


Join the Workshop

Thursday 23.03.2023 / 9:15-13:15 / Zürich City Centre Stockerhof - Dreikönigstrasse 31A, 8002 Zürich




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