Workshop Outline

SmartSkills Blockchain technical workshop is a one day intensive hands-on training session designed to help you learn about Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts using the Ethereum Platform.
It consists of the following 6 consecutive modules that will help you build your knowledge gradually and guide you through the process of coding your first Blockchain project

Modul 1: Technical Introduction to Blockchain & Ethereum

At the end of the first module you will understand the basic concepts , you will connect to the main Blockchain, and you will learn how to create your own private Blockchain and to interact with it using Transactions

Modul 2: Solidity & Smart Contracts

At the end of the second module you be will be able to implement your first smart contract , deploy it on the blockchain and interact with it through API’s

Modul 3: Setup a Development Environment

At the end of the third module you will be able to setup a professional development environment to develop smart contracts with testing and continuous integration features

Modul 4: Test Smart contract

At the end of the fourth module you will be able to build Unit & Integration tests for your your smart contracts

Modul 5: Build DApps (Web Frontends) for the Blockchain

At the end of the fifth module you will be able to build a Web Application to access your smart contract

Modul 6: Build Mobile Apps to access the Blockchain

At the end of the sixth module you will be able to learn how to access the Blockchain from a Mobile Application including the source code

It is an intense day ( around 8 Hours) and covers all important aspects to start coding for the blockchain