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Introduction to Blockchain, DeFi and NFT Programming Workshop

This new technical Workshop (Dec. 2021) is a one day intensive hands-on training designed to help you learn the fundamentals of Blockchain, Smart Contracts and how to apply these 2 technologies to build your first DeFi and NFT Applications.

It consists of the following 3 modules that will help you build your knowledge gradually and guide you through the process of coding your first DeFi and NFT Applications.


Workshop Outline

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    Part 1

    Technical Introduction to Blockchain

    • 🔸 How a Blockchain works (Hashing, Public-Key Cryptography)
    • 🔸 Install and Interact with a Blockchain Node
    • 🔸 Access to a Blockchain Node via JSON RPC API and via Web3


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    Part 2

    Solidity & Smart Contract Development

    • 🔸 Solidity & Smart Contracts Introduction
    • 🔸 Build your first Smart Contract on Ethereum
    • 🔸 Build your first Web3 DApp to access the Blockchain

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    Part 3

    Introduction to DeFi and NFT Programming

    • 🔸 Introduction to DeFi/ NFT Platforms ( UniSwap, OpenSea)
    • 🔸 Build your own DeFi Platform for swapping and liquidity mining
    • 🔸 Build your own NFT Digital Artwork Market Place



Testimonials from earlier Blockchain Courses and Events

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    Feedback CH open Workshop-days ( Zürich 07.09.2021)

    (D) Der Referent war sehr Kompetent und hatte den Kurs sehr gut vorbereitet. Die Übungen haben alle auf Ethereum und Cardano funktioniert und die Theorie verständlicher gemacht.

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    Simon H. (Workshop Zürich Altstetten 12.04.2018)

    (EN) Very practice-oriented; Focus on hands-on; After about 30 minutes you already had your own blockchain running, which was very motivating.

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    Feedback CH open Workshop-days ( ETH Zürich 12.09.2018)

    (EN) Complex theory was explained in a simple way, great! Good examples and exercises.


Next Course

Thursday 01.12.2022 / 9:15-17:00 / Zürich City Centre Stockerhof - Dreikönigstrasse 31A, 8002 Zürich

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