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Mobile Multiplatform Workshop

Become a Mobile Multiplatform Developer

In this intensive 1 Day Workshop, you will learn all the concepts you need to build enterprise Multiplatform mobile Applications. You will learn by building your own running small native Apps for the different platforms. The last part of the Workshop covers Mobile Web Apps with JS, React and Kotlin MPP.



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    Part 1

    Native Apps
    (iOS & Android)

    • . Introduction in Swift & Kotlin
    • . iOS Apps
    • . Android Apps


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    Part 2

    Multiplatform Native Apps
    (Kotlin Multiplatform)

    • . App Architecture
    • . FullStack iOS App (Kotlin, ObjC, Swift)
    • . FullStack Android App (Kotlin / JetCompose)


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    Part 3

    Web Apps

    • . WebApps with pure JavaScript
    • . WebApps with React
    • . WebApps with Kotlin MPP



Your Benefits

  • Future of Mobile

    Learn Native & Multiplatform Mobile Development in ONE course

  • Hands-on

    Learn the technical skills by building your own mini projects

  • Learn to code quickly

    The Workshop are tailored for a one day time investment


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