Demand for Blockchain skills is High, and will be even higher in years to come

Learn Blockchain & Smart Contract Coding – Be part of the next web revolution

You are a beginner and have no or little technical Knowledge about Blockchain. You are someone who wants quick hand-on results, and not only read articles and watch slides & videos about blockchain.

This Workshop is for you: Instead of spending weeks or months to find the right tutorials in the Internet, or assign for a whole semester in a school.

Sign up to our workshop, and get a Fast Start, you will be ready after 1 day to push your first Blockchain project on Github

Become a professional Blockchain Developer
In a 1-day intensive SmartSkills® Workshop


"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill."

Smartskills® Events

Check out the schedule of Smartskills® Workshops:

  • Mathias M. (Zurich)

    Also for non-developers a successful deep-dive in the topic of blockchain and smart contracts

    (more…) Mathias M. (Zurich)
  • Simon H. (Zurich)

    Very practice-oriented; Focus on hands-on; After about 30 minutes you already had your own blockchain running, which was very motivating.

    (more…) Simon H. (Zurich)
  • Feedback Workshop-days ( ETH Zürich)

    Complex theory was explained in a simple way, great! Good examples and exercises.

    (more…) Feedback Workshop-days ( ETH Zürich)